1003PSY Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology

OverviewFor this assignment, you will write a report where you will be required to analyse and interpret a dataset. You will need to calculate, report, and interpret descriptive statistics and correlation statistics.The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to practice writing a formal report of research. Although there are different sections to a research report, in this assignment you will focus on those sections that are most relevant to the collection and reporting of statistical information and research methodology (and the marking criteria is weighted to reflect this). You will also gain experience in using a defined style to present your information. This style is based on the guidelines provided by the American Psychological Association (APA).
Research Report TopicThroughout your academic career, you may have heard of the term “Math Anxiety”. Indeed, a fear and worry of situations where one is exposed to or performs mathematical operations is thought to impact around 20% of the general population. Likewise, you may have heard of the related concept, statistics anxiety. Statistics anxiety specifically refers to “the feelings of anxiety encountered when taking a statistics course or doing statistical analyses” (Cruise et al., 1985, p. 92).Interestingly, one’s personality might be related to statistics anxiety. For example, Chew and Dillon (2014) measured the relationship between personality and statistics anxiety using the Big Five International Personality Item Pool (Goldberg et al., 2006) and the Statistical Anxiety Rating Scale (Cruise et al., 1985). Of note, the authors found that the personality factor neuroticism to be positively associated with many aspects of statistics anxiety. In your report, you will be building upon Chew and Dillon’s research by analysing and reporting on data from and online survey measuring neuroticism and statistics anxiety among imaginary students enrolled in 1003PSY.
The report in briefThe report will be a written piece of work based on the research topic summarized above. In this assignment you are provided with an instruction sheet, a marking rubric, and an assignment template that has some information already completed on your behalf. Your task is to read the instruction sheet and rubric, and the complete the areas highlighted in the template (e.g., [insert xxxx here].). The word limit is 1500 words. The word limit applies to all material added to complete the Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, and the Discussion (i.e. information included in the assignment template is NOT included in the final word count). Any material after the point where the word count is exceeded will not be considered in determining your mark. Key resources are listed below.