4-3 Activity: World Sketch

Communications – Story telling World SketchBase your Acton Story on the Story link below
Survivor Stories

PromptAfter you have Created Your chracter and their attributes. You will now sketch the characters world through a story. You are NOW doing storytelling which gives us a view into a real, or invented, situation creating an adventure that leads to the moral of the story.Storytelling narratives have characters, settings, dialogue, and action.
In Your storytelling adventure, your protagonist will be a LGBTQ+ youth who is in distress.Alternatively, you might choose the best friend of your protagonist or a parent who is concerned about our youth. Or, your protagonist might be one of your counselors having them tell their tale of finding a community that loves them for who they are. You could choose a character on the antagonist side—maybe a bully that is oppressing your youth in distress.In your final course project you will have developed more than one character. In this sketch assignment you are practicing with just one.
Prompt:Create a sketch for one story’s world. Use descriptive language to show rather than tell the attributes of the world. Your world may be related to the work you completed for the story pitch for Milestone One or it can also be completely unrelated to that story pitch.Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:In a sketch of one story’s world, identify and describe the following:Inhabitants of the chosen world (such as cultural, racial, or ethnic groups; animal, botanical, or non-human inhabitants; previous or extinct inhabitants; relationships among the inhabitants, etc.)Physical and non-physical landscapes that exist in the chosen world (such as ecosystems, proximity to other worlds, atmosphere, terrain, urban and rural areas, buildings and infrastructure, as well as how the world looks, sounds, smells, tastes, and feels to inhabitants, etc.)Major points of interest in the chosen world (such as cities, historical landmarks, geological features, popular establishments, etc.)Important historical events that have occurred in the chosen world (such as notable leaders and forms of governments; important world, environmental, or religious events; notable disasters (natural or inhabitant-made), etc.)Major conflicts that currently exist in the chosen world (such as between or within groups of inhabitants, against other worlds, etc.)