Using your textbook, students may select two questions from the end of Chapter 13 and select two questions from the end of Chapter 14. Four questions total. Write out the question you are answering from Chapter five and then answer the question. Repeat process for the other chapter. Again, you select from the below choices. I will upload 2 posts for other students to respond to them later. Also, take a look at the post instructions and the Discussion Board Instruction and Grading Guideline(1) post have to be 300- 350 words and the response minimum 50 words each  
Chapter 13
3. Define the country-of-origin effect and give examples.
5. Discuss product alternatives and the three marketing strategies: domestic market extension, multidomestic markets, and global market strategies.
13. How can a country with a per capita GNP of $100 be a potential market for consumer goods? What kinds of goods would probably be in demand? Discuss.
15. Give an example of how a foreign marketer can use knowledge of the characteristics of innovations in product adaptation decisions.
Chapter 14
7. What roles do service, replacement parts, and standards play in competition in foreign marketing? Illustrate.
14. What is the price–quality relationship? How does this relationship affect a U.S. firm’s comparative position in world markets?
17. Discuss the importance of international business services to total U.S. export trade. How do most U.S. service companies become international?