750-word Summary from the “Exploring the Potential for Body-Worn Cameras to Reduce Violence in Police–Citizen Encounters,”

Describe the primary purpose of the study (exploration, description, explanation, or evaluation). What were the research questions that the study was designed to answer?
List the key independent and dependent variables, identifying the causal relationships the researchers sought to examine. Explain how the researchers conceptualized and operationalized the dependent variables.
Explain the time dimension of the study and how it impacted data collection. Describe whether the study involved a cross-sectional or longitudinal design and whether data were collected retrospectively or prospectively.
How did the researchers test to see whether BWCs were related to the study dependent variables?
What were the results of the study in terms of each of the causal relationships examined? In discussing the findings, be sure to distinguish the study participant groups in terms of outcomes between the separate groups, as well as changes over time within each group. Discuss unusual study findings, noting any changes in conditions under which the study was conducted and other potential reasons these results might have occurred.