This week we selecting general fields of inquiry for our research project.  Below, you will see a 
list of six broad subject areas along with a linked article for each.  Read through any that look 
interesting to you and choose one.  The writing component for this week’s assignment has three 
, after reading the article of your choice, write a brief summary.  The summary should 
require no more than four or five sentences.  Be sure to focus only on the main points.  Don’t get 
bogged down in details.  After introducing the title, author, and publication, clearly state the 
author’s main argument and supporting points, and be sure to attribute those things to the author. 
For instance, if the article is written by someone named David Smith, your summary should 
include sentences that name him clearly: “In his article, ‘…..,’ David Smith argues that…”  
“Smith claims that …..”  Smith suggests that….”  
Remember, summaries 
express the ideas articulated in the text; your own opinion is not 
included anywhere.
, provide some analysis.  In the analysis portion, take a more critical view of the 
argument.  Is it compelling?  Why?  Does the article use evidence to support its claims?  Does 
the argument make sense logically?  Does anything sound unconvincing?  Why?  What further 
questions does the article raise?  
, write a brief proposal for your own research in this general subject area for your own 
project.  In two or three sentences, explain what more specific topic within this field you’re 
interested in exploring and why.  
Remember, your own research project may take a different approach to the subject area.  There 
are many topic options for each of the subject areas I’ve listed, so don’t feel that you are 
committing to write about the same topic as the articles I’ve provided.  Just be sure to make your 
interest clear in the proposal, and I’ll provide comments and suggestions for everyone.
Submit final documents to the discussion board and be sure to comment on two classmates’ 
posts.  The deadline for your summary, analysis, and proposal is Friday, June 25.  Responses to 
two classmates are due by Sunday, June 2