9. What does Shadrack’s character teach us about the effects of war and the ways mentally ill people can be ostracized from a community?

Essay Assignment 1: Documented Literary AnalysisYour literary analysis essay will be on the novel Sula byToni Morrison. You can choose from any of the topics listed below (recommended)or explore further topics in the chapter on Sula, in the book How toWrite about Toni Morrison (linkedhere for your convenience).Your literary analysis should be between 2 ½ and 3 pages (600to 750 words), not including the Works Cited page, should be double spaced inTimes New Roman 12-point font and must meet the following criteria:·A clearly articulated thesis that states,somewhere in your introduction, the assertion (position, interpretation) thatyour paper will prove·An introduction, a minimum of 3 body paragraphs,and a conclusion·At least two quotes from the novel itself thatare integrated into your discussion·At least two citations of outside sources (suchas literary criticism on the novel). At least one source should come from theMDC databases. All sources must be academic.·Topic sentences that focus the discussion of thebody paragraphs·Examples, details, explanations in the bodyparagraphs that clearly support your thesis·Clear connections between ideas from paragraph toparagraph and within paragraphs·Proper MLA style format in the heading, in the in-textcitations, and in the Works Cited page (see the template for the heading andmargins in this lesson)·Works Cited page includes articles from twosources and from the novel for a minimum of three total listed sources·Standard usage, grammar, and mechanicsIMPORTANT INFORMATION:Ø You willsubmit your final draft through the Turn-it-in drop box designated for this purposein the course. Please be aware, that although Turn-it-in does allow forsimilarities for quotations up to 24% of your paper, any similarity above 24%is considered too high for an original paper and will be flagged as plagiarism.Ø You canget help with your paper at any of the campus writing centers (see the link inthe course with this information), and you can also receive online help viaSmartThinking, the online tutoring service provided by the College. Thisservice is available by clicking on SmartThinking in the left-hand menu bar ofthe course under Tools & Resources.
I agree that, despite the community ostracizing Sula, they were all subconsciously grateful for her presence. Sula’s return to Medallion had united the community against her. With her gone, they no longer had her to position itself against and resumed their old, indifferent ways. They tore the edifice apart and vandalized construction materials when they united in an unusual act of defiance. It got to the point where they eventually destroyed a tunnel that they had been forbidden to work on due to racist hiring practices. Due to all the stories the community heard about Sula, her indifferent reaction to Hannah’s death, and her affair with white men are such stories that support the gravity of anything that goes wrong in the community. For example, Mr. Finley, had been sucking on chicken bones on his porch, saw Sula for the first time after her return, and choked to death(Page 107).After Teapots’ fall, for the first time in her life, Betty has an inclination to provide the best care for her son, she has an inclination to motherhood, stating before that betty, his mom was called Teapot’s Mamma ”because being his mamma was precisely her major failure”(Page 106).Sula is improving the community’s behavior and actions and shows in a way why there are grateful for her presence.