In the beginning of the course, we identified the 5 expected outcomes for this course. In this optional conference, I would like to see if we successfully met these outcomes. 
For each of the outcomes listed below, identify what you learned that you think fulfills the course outcome. Also let me know where you think this outcome was met (e.g. lectures, conferences, papers, presentation, etc.). 

Given the role of technology in contemporary society, after completing this course, students will be able to: 

develop a working definition of technology and technological change applying the lens of interdisciplinary social science
identify the changing patterns of social interaction and groupings in multiple settings including family, home, work, and leisure
analyze the impact of the changing technological context on relationships and social lives to enhance learning, communication, decision-making, and privacy
compare the choices and decisions that different contemporary societies face concerning technological development, technological equity, economics, and the environment
investigate policy solutions to address individual and social pathologies associated with emerging trends

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