Question 1:  Study this cartoon (attached).  What is your interpretation of this cartoon?  What is the argument represented? 
Question 2: 
What type of fallacy do you think is shown in the excerpt below?  Explain your answer.
“Dear Sir,
As a mother of nine children, I would like to speak out on the draft everyone is talking about.  I am one that is very must against it.  I lost a husband in Korea and if they draft from age 18 to 26, I stand to lose four sons and one daughter.  As a mother in poor health, I don’t think I could take that.  Why can’t Carter leave well enough alone and try and find some of our boys still missing or being held some place?
Mrs. L.T.”
Dated: 09/12/1980
Question 3:   
Read this article, identify the argument presented, the support provided, and the viewpoint represented. Does this article demonstrate bias? How is it biased? (Is it pro or con?) Explain what clues lead you to determine its bias. Be specific.