A well prepared Trip

Imagine you are working in a business after you graduate (you choose the business), and are asked to support the closing of a deal which will help your career and the success of the company. You are bidding against an imagined competitor company. The meeting for the deal is overseas, where you do not speak the local language, but the discussions are all done in English. Lucky you, the company purchased your ticket in business class! This is a flight you will enjoy.

How do you set up for success during this one-week business trip and contract negotiations? What plans, strategies, and actions do you initially make? Then tell me how using communication and negotiation strategies you plan to win favorable terms for this contract and win it for your company and your career. Consider verbal and non-verbal styles of communication, styles of persuasion and negotiation, ideas to influence across the bargaining table, build rapport, and more. Additionally, add details about what challenges you think might arise in this global setting and how you can overcome them.

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