Acute pancreatitis and fluid filled collections

NUR1213 aka NUR 2Re: scholarly writing assignmentThis writing assignment will enhance your understanding of topic required for NUR1213 aka NUR2 as well as demonstrate your ability to write a short, academic, APA formatted paper.Directions:1. Choose one of the LWW Articles related to the first 6 weeks of NUR1213.2. Read and summarize the article in your own words. If you choose to quote any information, be sure to cite the original author in APA format.3. Type this paper, use double-spacing, and your font should be “Times New Roman” in size 12.Be sure to check both spelling and grammar prior to submitting.4. Include a cover page and a reference page. These are separate pages and are not included in the 3 pages of content required.5. Make sure the content is a maximum of 3 pages. Explain the condition or topic you have chosen in your own words.6. Use the student library to access to add at least one additional reference/article on the same topic – to support your statements and increase your understanding of the topic.7. Sample headings may include but are not limited to:• Introduction• The disease condition or topic• Summary paragraph to include a conclusive statement. (I suggest using a reflective statement as to what you have learned doing this assignment).• Reference page