Adaptation analysis of “Green Grow the Lilacs” to “Oklahoma!”

IVY-LEAGUE LEVEL: Write an analysis of the transformation of “Green Grow the Lilacs” to “Oklahoma!”. What has changed from original to adaptation? What remains the same? How does the form or medium of the adaptation impact our sense of the work? How does the adaptation function as a critical analysis or interpretation of the original play? Does the relationship between the creative work and its historical/political/cultural context(s) change when the work is adapted, and, if so, how? How do other creative elements (e.g., acting, direction, design) change in the process of adaptation and why? These questions are meant to inform, but not dictate, the content and shape of your analysis. The works in question and their relationship through adaptation should guide your thinking.You should find and use reviews of both original and adaptation, and/or critical discussions of both works, to further inform your thinking.