African American History 1865- present

Answer the following question as completely as you can. The place to submit your completed assignment will be posted under Course Materials, Writing Assignments… As usual, it will be a SafeAssignment which checks for plagiarism.One and a half pages minimum, double spaced, times new roman size 12 font. Points are lost for not following these directions. Graded also on punctuation, grammar, clarity of thought and expression, etc…People often ask “Why did African Americans stay in the South when it was so dangerous?” In the late 1800s lynching of young black men was almost commonplace in some areas, black people were kept from voting (defiance of the 15th amendment) and segregation was practiced most places in the region.Why do you think so many stayed in this environment? Be specific, have a thesis, follow up and conclusion. Use examples from the textbook (be sure to cite) as well as your own ideas regarding this phenomenon.