African American Lit The Nickle Boys “OUTLINE”

LARP OutlineYou wll produce an outline of your argument that includes your argument (thesis), minor claims, and the evidence (from both your primary and secondary sources) that you intend to include in your essay.Your outline will contain:a thesis,properly cited textual evidence, ANDa Works Cited page.This work should demonstrate an earnest effort at literary analysis. This assignment asks less for a polished introduction or conclusion; instead you should offer your readers the skeleton of your argument.This outline should be complete. “Complete,” here, means that you include your thesis and supporting claims. Then you must support them by providing the evidence you plan to use from both your primary and secondary sources. Include your thesis where you would normally include your title.One way to approach this assignment is to think about it like a map. How will you get your reader to follow you from your introduction to your conclusion? Remember that you are not writing a five-paragraph essay as you might have written in high school; instead you are building an argument. Think of it like dominoes: each claim must build on the logic of the previous claim. You are developing an argument.Questions to ask yourself as write: Are you analyzing all the textual evidence you presented? Have you made clear how the evidence relates to each other? Have you tied this back to your major (or earlier minor claim? Have you included reference to what sections of the primary text you plan to offer a close reading of?The idea here is to find textual evidence relevant to your minor claim (which support your thesis). Relevant might mean that the evidence supports your claim or that the author disagrees with your claim and you want to reply/respond to that. Think about being at a diner with all of the authors. Every one has a chance to speak in turn, but no one lectures or gives an overly long monologue.Note: Do not rely on ONE source or ONE PAGE from one source. Your analytical paper should make evident that you read, understood, and condsidered the entirety of the sources you chose.Pro Tip: You’ve read academic articles throughout the semester. Look back at those annotated texts. How were they structured? How did the author develop their argument? Use their work as a guide.