After watching Conflict and The Office, explain how you will categorize each party’s conflict styles?

Please watch this 4-minute clip from The Office. Then watch it a second time, during which I encourage you to take notes about the “3 I’s” of conflict, the different characters’ conflict styles, and Michael’s mediation tactics.Conflict Styles in the Office.mp41. Michael as Mediator?Michael is acting as a mediator, even though it’s technically Toby’s job as the HR manager. Identify ONE mediation tactic (directive, nondirective, procedural, reflexive) you see Michael attempting to use. Do you think he does a good job as a mediator?2. The 3 I’s:The workplace conflict situation we are looking at is between Oscar and Angela. Where do you see the “3 I’s” of conflict (Incompatible goals, Interdependence, and Interaction)?3. Styles of Conflict Management:How would you categorize each party’s conflict styles? You may want to refer to this grid: Conflict Styles.jpgand these: Conflict Styles examples.docx– Oscar:– Angela:– Any guesses about Pam’s, Michael’s, or Toby’s conflict styles?