Age of Discovery Essay

essay promptWhat factors/events enabled Europeans to begin exploring the world? How did the four analytical constructs that frame this course (mobility, democracy, capitalism, and difference) impact this effort? Please note that this question is asking about what made it possible for Europeans to begin exploring the world, not what happened after they started exploring.Make your answer as specific as possible, provide specific examples, draw conclusions, and show cause and effect.Important: When you write your essay, do not use the phrase, “God, glory, and gold.”


Explain what the method used was, the independent and dependent variables and what the results of the study were.

Why do people’s views on what is right and wrong differ?

Discuss how their approach may have changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Would Approaching Racism as a Public Health Issue decrease rates of heart disease in America?

What safeguards can be put in place by various institutions, including accounting firms, rating agencies, government, stock exchanges,
and others, to make sure that the information investors get from firms is

Write about early and modern development of turbines.

Explain which character or author that we’ve read best encapsulates what it means to be an American.

Write an essay about a global challenge that a specific Indigenous tribe is facing.

What are some ways to improve critical thinking and avoid succumbing to “click-bait”?

Discuss Medicare fee schedules, provider reimbursement, fraud, and abuse.