Air Pollution & Connection to Chemistry

Chapter 2: Essay Air pollution is making headlines around the world including the US, yet long term trends in air pollution in the US show improvements in air quality since 1970 when the Clean Air Act was passed.Read the following news articles. Each article highlights a different major source of air pollution.Air Quality Index (AQI) around the world: website that shows trends of air pollutant levels in the US: Health Organization (WHO) on air pollution: Your EssayWrite a 700-800 word essay using at least four references that addresses the following:Air PollutionWhere in the world is the air quality the worst? Why might the air quality be so bad in that region of the world?What about the US? What are some of the sources of air pollution in the US?What is the AQI in London today? In Beijing? In Atlanta?What are some actions that governments and people can take to reduce air pollution and improve air quality?Why is there still concern about air pollution in the US even as trends in air pollution show an overall decline?The Chemistry ConnectionWhat are chemical formulas for 3 air pollutants?Write chemical equations to show how they are formed in the environment.Using ReferencesAll your references must be listed on a separate page at the end of your essay. The word “References” should be centered at the top of that page.List your references in the order you used them and number them 1, 2, 3, …Cite the references in your essay by using the number in parentheses at the end of a sentence or paragraph.Example: Your sentence or paragraph containing paraphrased information from source three.(3) You can also use multiple references like this. (1,3,4)You must have enough information in your reference so that the source can be identified and located. All web sources must contain the complete web address.Example for books: author, title, publisher, city of publication, year of publication, page numbersExample for internet sites: author, title of page, full internet site address, date last updated, date you accessed the page.Be sure to consider the source of the reference when citing them. Be aware of questionable sources.Assignment Grading CriteriaThis assignment is worth 50 points. The assignment must be completed AND successfully submitted to the Dropbox by the due date. No late assignments will be accepted.Refer to the grading rubric to see how the essay will be graded.