American history discussion

Assignment Instructions :Assigned Reading: The American Yawp, Chs. 4, & 5 to an external site.)Scope: Please respond to sections A, B, and C.A) Discussion Responses:Chapter 4: Colonial Society. Answer one of the following questions (Roughly 150 words each).A1) What were the causes and consequences of the Great Awakening?A2) What role did American colonists play in the Seven Years War? What were some of its consequences?Chapter 5: The American Revolution: Answer both of the following questions, and use at least two sources for each. Roughly 150-225 words each answer.A3) Why did the United States declare independence? You can approach this in a variety of ways, and might want to consider what the Stamp Act Declaration, the Declaration of Independence, and Paine’s “Common Sense” tell us about the colonists’ evolving sense of rights.A4) How radical was the American Revolution? Hint: take a look at Abigail Adams’ letters and the Massachusetts Slave Petition, as well as the primary sources in The AY.B) Identifications: Briefly identify each of the historical terms and discuss its historical importance. Three or four sentences should suffice.Consumer RevolutionGreat AwakeningSeven Years WarProclamation Line 0f 1763Pontiac’s RebellionStamp Act DeclarationBoston MassacreThomas HutchinsonBattle of SaratogaC) Quote: Write down an interesting sentence or short passage and explain why you find it interesting.