american lit beginning 1820 quiz QUESTION 1 According to Native-American narratives, which of the following is NOT true?Animals are rational and can rationalize Humans are more important than animals

american litbeginning 1820 quizQUESTION 1According to Native-American narratives, which of the following is NOT true?Animals are rational and can rationalizeHumans are more important than animalsThe earth (land) is a living thingHumans should work together to solve problemsQUESTION 2According to “The Selling of Joseph,” which of the items below is NOT a reason for abolishing the slave trade?Slavery is a form of stealing.Africans will use their freedom well.Africans are not descendants of Ham or Canaan.All people are descendants of Adam and should be equal.QUESTION 3Which of the literary movements BEST represents “The Relation of Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca”?Pre-ColonialColonialNationalNaturalismQUESTION 4InCommon Sense,Thomas Paine argues forPeaceAmerican independenceJusticeNone of the aboveQUESTION 5Which of the following statements about Phillis Wheatley is NOT true?She was isolated from other people of color when she was a child.She lived in poverty as an adult.She was used by her masters as a showpiece after they taught her to read and write.She did not write her own poems.QUESTION 6Which literary movement BEST represents “On Being Brought from AFRICA to AMERICA”?ColonialismNationalismRealismRomanticismQUESTION 7Who is the author ofCommon Sense?George WashingtonAlexander HamiltonThomas JeffersonThomas PaineQUESTION 8The poem “To My Dear and Loving Husband” begins by considering ________________between the speaker and her husband.unifying and eternal, powerful enough to even outlive deathrelationshiplove and sexualityrelationshipthe physical,personal relationshipNone of the AboveQUESTION 91. Bradstreetuses elaborate,exaggerated language in “To My Dear and Loving Husband.”The two lines below are an example of what type of figurative language.I prize thy love more than whole mines of gold,Or all the riches that the East doth hold.HyperboleMethaphorPersonficationNone of the aboveQUESTION 10Who does Anne Bradstreet write about in her poems?Her familyPoliticiansSlavesReligious figuresQUESTION 11Which of the literary movement best represents “To My Dear and Loving Husband”?Pre-ColonialismColonialismNationalismNaturalismQUESTION 12Which literary movement BEST representsCommon Sense?ColonialismNationalismNaturalismRomaticismQUESTION 13InCommon Sense,Thomas Paine favors the government?TrueFalseQUESTION 14Who is the author of “A Model of Christian Charity”?Alvar Nunez Cabeza de VacaAnne BradstreetJohn WinthropJonathan EdwardsQUESTION 15What is the “city upon a hill” discussed in “A Model of Christian Charity”?London, under the ReformationNew York, under Puritan leadershipA colony in the New World under Puritan leadershipA colony in the New World under Christian leadershipQUESTION 16InThe Selling of Joseph,Sewallalsouseslegal,moral,practical,and Biblicalarguments toargue againstslavery.TrueFalseQUESTION 17In which geographical location does Cabeza de Vacatravel during his captivity?Current-day Southwestern United StatesCurrent-day New England United StatesCurrent-day Mississippi Valley United StatesCurrent-day Gulf Coast United StatesQUESTION 18The first line in the poem “On Being Brought from Africa to America”is a great example of what type of figurative language?HyperbolePersonificaitonSmilieMethaphorQUESTION 19Which of the following are not themes of the poem “On Being Brought from Africa to America?”Salvation and RedemptionChristianityGreed and PowerRacial EqualityQUESTION 20Which of these statements is NOT true about Thomas Paine?He helped Thomas Jefferson write “The Declaration of Independence.”He was not an American.He was exiled to France.He believed the rule of government should be made by common people.