Analyze business and organizational needs for the ISMS project in your organization

Project:Analyze business and organizational needsfor the ISMS project in your organizationTask:The organization you work for in AbuDhabi is a startup company with 2 years in business. To comply withregulations, your CISO has decided to propose implementation of InformationSecurity Management System (ISMS). As a member of the security team, you haveto analyze the business needs for ISMS. Demonstrate effective contributions to theISMS project team relevant to an assigned task as below:
Task-1 Project report–Introduce the Organization ( Our organization )–Demonstrate your project team ( Salem and Ibrahim )–Highlight the roles and responsibilitiesof each team member on the project–Develop the ISMS for the organization byutilizing all the steps of from the ISO Standard 27001.Task-2 Project presentation–Prepare power point presentation of theabove project–Embed the report from task-1 in the endof the ppt
Note:1)Strictly avoid Plagiarism and duplication