Analyze education-related issues

In the Module 2 Discussion, you debated your position on an issue related to the case study you selected. As a leader in education, you must stay abreast of the issues that matter in your specialization, regularly deepening and refreshingyour knowledge to stay informed.For this Discussion, you will continue to explore scholarly resources to find additional information related to your case study. In addition, you consider the new information related to case study—that is, the information in thecase study documents for your selected case study.
be sure to:1. Evaluate whether the new information is based on reliable sources and whether the information2. is relevant to the issue.3. Explain your position on the case study issue from the perspective of the role you are assuming and how this new information informs this position.4. Explain the steps you might take to follow-up on this information based on your role and your position on the issue.Throughout the Discussion, add support for your position or add to the knowledge base on the issue by finding and sharing additional resources related to the issue you are discussing.