Analyze the Code of Ethics you have chosen to determine what you think are its strengths and weaknesses.

Introduction: For our final paper we want you to think aboutyour own values and ethics, and compare them with the code of ethics of yourpresent or future profession. To do this you will write a two-part paper. Inthe first part, outline your own Personal Code of Ethics by following theinstructions below. In the second part, summarize the Code of Ethics of yourprofession (as provided by a professional organization or specific employer),analyze it for its strengths and weaknesses, and then apply the professionalCode of Ethics to a case study in that profession.PART I: My Personal Code of EthicsMy Value System: Hierarchy of Values: Create a list (NOT abulleted list- a detailed explanation of your values in essay format) of whatyou value most in life in order of their priority of importance to you, andexplain why each is a value in your life. For example, family: My family givesme strength and comfort, etc. Career: I love to realize my potential in a fieldof work that I find interesting and challenging.My Moral Character: Do I think I have good moral character?Answer this question by including your idea of integrity, the virtues that youaspire to and practice, and the moral principles that you try to follow. Forexample, you may try to practice honesty, fairness, kindness, courage andfriendliness in your life. And you also may hold the principles of trying toproduce the greatest good for the greatest number or doing the right thingbased on what you think all persons should do in the same situation.The Value of Ethics in My Life: What is the value of ethicsin your life? That is, do you think you could live a happy life without tryingto be ethical? Why or why not? Explain.The Value of Ethical Theory: Please discuss one of theethical theories we have learned in class this semester and explain how it mighthelp you make ethical decisions in the future.PART II: Professional Code of EthicsChoose a Code of Ethics from your area of interest in yourpresent work or future career and summarize this code. This code of ethics mustbe provided by a professional organization or by a specific employer.Analyze the Code of Ethics you have chosen to determine whatyou think are its strengths and weaknesses. Explain why for both.Choose a case study from your workplace or future professionand apply your Personal and Professional Code of Ethics to this case to helpyou determine what you think is the right ethical decision and right thing todo. Follow the “ABCD Guideline to Ethical Decision Making” (attachedfor your convenience) in doing so.