Analyzing County Administrative Structure

Analyze in 2-pages single-spaced the effectiveness of the CAO or CFO position of a county of your choice and make recommendations as appropriate. The audience is the County Commissioners (elected leaders). Due: February 13, 2022.
For the county you have selected, determine who (1 person or multiple persons) functions as the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and the current structural arrangements for the Finance function. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these structural arrangements based on the best practices described in two sources. The sources can be academic or practitioner sources for local government financial administration. Your analysis should consider the advantages and disadvantages of the county’s organizational structure for encouraging strong fiscal stewardship.
The class textbook is NOT counted as one of the two sources, but you should include in-text citations for page numbers from the textbook as necessary. Also, any source documents from the county you analyzed should be cited, but they are NOT counted as one of the two sources. Finally, popular media sources can be included to bolster your argument concerning the need for (or current functioning of) a CAO for the county you are analyzing. Still, they also are NOT counted as one of the two sources. Popular media examples are local media stories or articles in professional association newsletters, magazines, websites, podcasts, or webinars).