Analyzing relationships and conflict examples present in the film “The Wrong Missy”

Requirements1. Select a film with a romantic dyadic relationship present.2. Email Professor Kennedy with your movie choice once the assignment is assigned3. Films MUST be approved by Professor Kennedy, failure to get film approval by the due date will result in a -25 points on this assignment.a. I recommend you find films in the genera of Romantic Comedies–these always have the best examples of good and bad relationships. Some of my recommendations include:i. Set It Up-Netflixii. The Break-Up-Amazon Primeiii. The Wedding Date-Hulu4. Identify the stages of a relationship in the film.5. Discuss each stage of the relationship and provide specific examples of each stage from the film.6. Provide recommendations to the people in the relationship they analyzed. Answer the following questions:a. Are they compatible? Why or why not.b. How do they handle conflict? Is it ethical, effective and appropriate? Explain.c. Be specific with the approaches they take to conflict management.d. Did they make it through all of the stages of relationship development? If so, how did they get there? If not, why do you think that is?FORMAT: MLA 5-6 PAGES,TIMES NEW ROMAN, DOUBLE SPACED, 1 INCH MARGINS, 12PT FONT, MLA WORKCITED PAGED