Ancient Philosophy Today

Ancient PhilosophyToday Website link uploaded with instructionsVisit the website: Around the World in 52Proverbs (Links to an external site.) and read throughthe list taking your time to consider each phrase. Select 5 of the proverbsthat appeal to you and do the following:·Make a list of the proverbs you chose and include the culturalorigin for each one.·In your first paragraph describe your list to your classmatesoDid they all have the same theme? Or did each have a differenttheme? ExplainoDid they all come from the same region or are they fromdifferent regions? ExplainoCan they all apply to your life today? If not, which ones apply?Explain·In your second paragraph, reflect on how these proverbsrepresent philosophical thought.oWere any of the 5 you chose presenting inductive or deductivereasoning to make their point? Which ones and how?oWhat does it mean for the proverbs you chose to have survivedthrough the centuries? Explore in detail