ANTH-2301 Essay


Assignment type


Each paper should consist primarily of a very detailed review of the article (tell me what the article was about), with a short discussion section at the end (1/2 page). Do not cut-n-paste from the text or other sources, and do not quote text from the article (synthesize and paraphrase- I know what the author said, I want to know what you think they said!). For the discussion section, pick out and discuss some aspect of the article that you found to be the most interesting, surprising, and/or problematic. Please discuss why this topic was noteworthy to you. Feel free to express your personal opinions, including agreement or disagreement with the arguments (and your reasoning behind these stances). Again, don’t worry about a particular ‘style’ (e.g., APA, Chicago), but do use college-level grammar, paragraph and sentence formatting, punctuation, etc. because that will be graded along with content. Pick one of the following articles to review: