Architectural Evaluation Essay on Broome County Courthouse

Prompt:-“Plan and Section: In this paper, you should analyze the plan and section of the building.If you’d like, feel free to provide your own sketches. How does the plan “work” to fulfillthe function of the building? What are the principal elements of the plan’s composition?You will ask yourself the same questions for the section of the building.”
-“Use and Function: In this paper, you will study how the building operates. Are therepublic and private zones, noisy and quiet zones, etc.? Are there areas for work and areasfor leisure? Is the layout of the building functionally successful?”
-“Context: In this paper, you will observe how the building is situated. You should analyzehow the building accommodates and responds to its particular context, discussing how itis sited and oriented both to the natural features of the landscape and to the surroundingcity.”
Other instructions:“- There might be some overlap between themes. If you discuss “use,” you might also haveto discuss “plan,” for example, but the idea is a focused thematic exploration.– This paper does not require outside research. Of course, you are welcome to use anyreading that you do in your paper. However, anything that is referenced, borrowed, orquoted from another source (including online) must be fully cited in Chicago style.– In each case, your paper will be evaluated in terms of argument, the richness andspecificity of your observations, and the coherence and clarity of your writing.Remember: your paper can only be as interesting as your thesis, so it is worth developingthat argument in your mind as you write.”