Architecture of the California Capital State Building

Hello, I need a research paper on the architecture of the California Capital State Building. I need to use three sources, given by my professor, in which I attached 2 as pdf files. The third source is the California capital state-building website. The link is . These sources must be cited in Chicago style. I have also attached a picture of the California state capital building taken from the front. Below are the instructions I was given by my professor. Keep in mind this paper has to be aimed at the different parts of the building that represent Classical architecture.
PROFESSOR INSTRUCTIONSYour Paper is going to be three to four pages in length. It is a targeted writing exercise, not a full ten to fifteen upper division research paper. You have just three to four pages to introduce, describe, compare, and draw conclusions in your paper. You need to carefully plan before writing.
Start with an outline – You are the expert, and this is your research. Be Direct, concise, and formal. Develop your paper so that one idea logically flows into the following object smoothly – Don’t jump around in your paper back and forth. Guide your reader slowly and carefully through a visual description (keep it limited in focus) and then a stylistic description defining the elements you are talking about and their symbolism
You should begin with the subject of your paper in the first paragraph, the State Capital building. The first paragraph should be a general introduction, stating to the reader what you are going to be presenting. Remember you are writing about just the classically influence portions of one building. You are not writing about the life of the architect beyond 2-3 sentences to place him in time and space and the type of work that he created. Similarly, the history of the locations of the state capitol and the previous buildings are of no importance to your paper – you are writing just about the classically influenced portions of this specific building. You are not writing about the dome, the side wings, just the exterior entrance portico. For the capitol building be sure to look at the print of its original form as planned on the Capitol Building Museum website as it was planned to have steps leading up to what is now the second floor.
The second paragraph should be a visual description of the building, concentrating on the parts you will be comparing to buildings in our text, specifically the entrance portico/porch and its columns and the pediment and its sculptures. The dome belongs to after the periods we are studying, as does the decoration of the interior. Just focus on the exterior portico and sculptures.Remember your reader is not familiar with the building, Describe and define logically, clearly, and concisely are you go. Have one part/topic smoothly lead into the next. Do not jump around, don’t go from the number of columns on the porch to the pediment sculptures and then back to the capitols of the columns.
After you describe the building parts you will be comparing, then, you can begin the comparisons. Do them in the same order that you describe them earlier. Look at the Pantheon in Rome in your textbook. Look at the basic form of its entrance and pediment – remember there originally were steps leading up to the entrance from a much lower square in front.
Then draw a concluding paragraph on the reasons that this style might have been chosen for the state capitol. Temple to democracy as a reference to Republican Rome and Athenian democracy? As a symbol of moral and civic virtue as taught in schools during the 19th century. This will be re-edited with your peers after you as a group develop your paper thesis and concluding paragraph. This information can be found in the posted papers and dissertations.