Are there distinct moments in time when the popularity of the search term has abruptly increased or decreased?

Visualize and discover trends in people’s online search behaviourThe purpose of this assignment is to learn more about how the terms that people search for using web search engines reflect (and even predict!) what is happening in our world. Using Google Trends(, explore and report on what terms people have been searching for on Google. Refine the search to include comparisons, such as (a) related terms, (b) by country, and (c) over time. Choose a topic that has a connection to consumer behaviour.some examples of this on Halloween costume trends( and hip-shaking dance crazes( BriefSubmit a brief (no more than two single-spaced pages) describing what you found. The brief should include the following points:Specify the exact query used to retrieve the results (e.g., the search terms, the locations, and the time frame) from Google Trends. Describe how the search terms are related (i.e., the overall subject you are investigating).Include the graph that Google Trends produced. Use a screen/web page (e.g., using Snip & Sketch) and paste it into your report. Be sure to include the legend that labels the lines.An accurate description of the relative popularity of the search terms. For example, what is the relative ordering of popularity of the search terms? How much more popular is one search term than another?A description of the popularity of the search terms over time. Is there any seasonal or regular, periodic nature to the popularity of the search times? Is the popularity of these search terms increasing or decreasing over time? Has the relative popularity of the search terms changed at all over time? Are there distinct moments in time when the popularity of the search term has abruptly increased or decreased?Interpretation (a subjective discussion) about the relative popularity of the search terms and their popularity over time. Why are some of the search terms are more popular than others? How do the search terms correlate with what is going on in the real world? What corroborating evidence could back up such speculations? What world events correspond to any observed peaks in search popularity?Dig more deeply into the topic using Google Scholar (or another database). Locate two articles from the scholarly literature (journals) that have the potential to inform or explain your findings. Include the APA-formatted references and briefly describe how they might shed insight.For example, Mulvey, M. S., Lever, M. W., & Elliot, S. (2020). A Cross-National Comparison of Intragenerational Variability in Social Media Sharing. Journal of Travel Research, 59(7), 1204–1220. This article finds that there is great variability in patterns of social media sharing among Millennial travellers. The study also finds that travellers from different countries differ in their tendency to share and advocate.There is no need for a title page (save trees!); type your name and ID at the top of the page.