Are there ethical and moral guidelines we should follow with the “conscious” robots we create?

In this discussion, you will be asked to think about consciousness and apply your knowledge to the questions below. Please read the attached articles and watch a brief video before writing your post. Be sure to reference the attached articles and videos in writing up your discussion. You are also highly encouraged to reference relevant course material as you see fit.
Articles and videos to review BEFORE writing your post!
This video shows a short clip from the HBO series Westworld in which a company has created a world populated by robot “hosts” who are mostly indistinguishable from humans. In the video, some of the people at the party are hosts and some are flesh and blood people. Logan’s task in the video clip is to pick out the hosts. The NYT article on Westworld addresses the morality of treating the hosts brutally, including raping, torturing, and murdering them, which, in the show, people pay vast sums of $ to be able to do.
Your initial post must answer ALL questions in both part 1 and part 2!
Part 1 – Consciousness in RobotsCan we build robots that are conscious? If you think we can, how could we ever know if they were conscious? That is, how can we tell what is conscious and what is not?
Part 2 – Ethical and Moral Guidelines in Interactions with Conscious RobotsSuppose it is possible to build robots who look and act like people, and we can no longer tell the difference between robots and people, as is the case in the hit TV show, Westworld (see video).
– Are there ethical and moral guidelines we should follow with the “conscious” robots we create? For example, can we treat humans- like robots as slaves, and do whatever we want to them? Why or why not? How does the idea of whether one is “conscious” relate to this debate?