Are there Physical and Psychological Signs when someone is evading honesty

Using the Classical Essay Model Outline, compose a conclusion paragraph that ends your essay and considers it in a larger context. Please follow the outline to complete this assignment.You have two choices for submitting your paragraphs. You can submit just conclusion paragraph, and include your thesis statement at the top of the page. Or, you may submit your draft that includes previous paragraphs, as long as the conclusion appears last.If you reference any sources in your paragraphs, you must include citations. Please also include Works Cited entries for those resources. This will help me and your peer reviewer to check that you are using the correct word(s) in your citations.
so if you wanna go back and look at the two you have already written, the teacher wants to add the conclusion. A bigger and more extended conclusion.fist document: intructionssecond: the paper you have already written.