Are you surprised by how much or little you access social media in general?

1. Step One: In 200 words summarize your current social media usage by:a. listing the social media networks in which you are involved (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Vine, etc..) and identify your favourites.b. after reading pages 216-219 of the text (Goldsmith, 2013), briefly describe what you use specific platforms for (e.g., communicate with family, entertainment, networking, sharing photos or content) and how they facilitate/inhibit your communication with others. How frequently do you use the platforms (e.g., hourly, daily, do you check before bed, or when you first get up, do notifications wake you up in the middle of the night).c. commenting on your general feelings about social media. Is it a love-hate relationship? Do you enjoy it? Do you struggle with it? and why?2. Step two: Track your social media usage for two days. You can do this on an iPhone by going to “Settings > Screen Time and tap See All Activity under the graph. From there, you can see your usage, set limits for your most-used apps, and see how many times a device was picked up or received a notification” (Apple, 2020). Similar instructions can be found for other phones.After tracking is complete, report your total social media usage (in hours and minutes) and which platforms are you using the most?3. Are you surprised by how much or little you access social media in general? or specific platforms?Would you like to change your social media usage? If so, how? Does it get in the way of your schoolwork or other socializing?How does your use influence your general communication with others? Are you messaging more than talking? Depth of connections? Connection to family?How are you impacted by social media? The book discusses concepts like information overload and information anxiety (Goldsmith, 2013, p. 219), do you feel impacted by these concepts?Does social media impact how you feel about yourself? Positively or negatively?Since you knew you were tracking your social media usage, did you find yourself more aware of your use? did this awareness influence your behaviour?