Assertion Journal 2 Climate Refugees

1. Before completing this assignment, watch the documentary “Climate Refugees” and read the article “Climate Change is a Social Justice Issue—These 6 Charts Show Why”. Both are provided in this week’s learning content.2. Read the following statementBecause of colonialism, resource exploitation and overconsumption, the Global North has a greater obligation than the Global South to spend resources to address climate change.
Using correct assertion journal format (see sample assertion journal provided earlier in this semester), write an assertion journal with the following.Defend, challenge or qualify the statement (provided in italics above).Give specific examples.Include in-text citations AND references. Both must be in APA.
RequirementsUse at least one additional source to support your claim.The submission must be between 300-400 words long. The assertion, in-text citation, reference and 1-2 letter words do not apply to your word count.Format your submission so it resembles the assertion example provided in the lesson.