assessment and testing psychology

2-2 Final Project Milestone One: Draft of Introduction and Data AnalysisAssignmentSubmit your draft of the final project’s Introduction and Data Analysis section. The first step to creating a professional psychological report begins with considering the client’s background, reason for referral, the conditions surrounding why an assessment is needed, who the stakeholder of the assessment is, and whether or not the factors surrounding the client’s situation could impact the assessment. In this milestone, you will choose one of the two cases provided and will describe how you intend to analyze the data associated with the case you chose. The work you do in this milestone will impact the analysis and recommendations you will make in future milestones.
In Milestone One, you chose a case history and determined how you would analyze its data. In Milestone Two, you begin to examine the data and write about your observations, its benefits, and its limitations. Specifically, you will be addressing how the client’s behaviors and test conditions impacted the test results. You will also closely look at the different tests used to determine the benefits and limitations of each. This week, you can begin your analysis in preparation of next week’s deadline.