Astronomy Lab

Preferred browser : Internet Edge on WindowsChoose 3 experiments from the , explore experiments, write 3 lab reports, answering questions given for each applet . Format of lab report you can see in Lab report example.( applets simulation screen shots should be included into lab report )You can find some tips how to write a good lb report on following link:After clicking on applet it may ask to install flash plugin. You should agree and install. Different applets may need different plugins.I am grading quality of answers to questions given for each experiment.Please follow the format of provided example for lab report.Based on some theoretical knowledge (that you put into report) you should draw some predictions and based on data taken from simulator (please provide screen shots) you should shape your data into tables and graph plots.All available animations ( animations ( works on chromeand in conclusion discuss, if your predictions are confirmed by experiment.You should write different reports, separate for each experiment, but they could be combined in the same file.
Lab1 applet listLab part 1 appletsFor running applets students should use Microsoft Edge browser with “View by Flash Emulator” option checked.Coordinate system comparison ( from the listFind coordinates on Earth where all starts in Orion constellation never can be seen.Find coordinates on Earth where Southern Cross constellation never set below horizonFind coordinates on Earth where Big Dipper constellation is never seen.Binary stars ( on the same time plot radial velocity star A and B forMass 5 and 10; eccentricity 0.3, inclination 0.8Mass 1 and 10; eccentricity 0.8, inclination 0.7Mass 5 and 5; eccentricity 0.1, inclination 0.4Eclipsing Binary stars ( effect on light curve has change an star separation of binary starsWhat effect on light curve has change in angle to binary stars orbit plane.Measure min angle for 3 separation settings to observe signal for following starts:A-AA-FK-GB-MG-G


Describe the specific attributes of an experimental research design.

Describe the principles of SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and Western blotting (immunoblotting), including the principles by which proteins are separated.

Write an essay using five to seven academic resources in which you argue that a contested “case” involving the sale, trade, or donation of human organs fits (or does not fit) within a given category.

What are the key missions and goals identified in the 2012 Department of Homeland Security Strategic Plan?

Write a research paper of the COVID-19 cases in El Paso and las Cruces, and how the mask mandates are important and how safety precautions have to be in-forced.

Discuss the effect of Self-esteem on ESL High School Students’ Verbal Communication.

Describe participants in setting (total #, age, gender, race/ethnicity, level of competition/involvement of participants, coaches, parents, referees, etc.).

Identify and discuss at least three ways in which attackers and/or criminals use encryption and cryptography to further their goals and objectives.

What is emergency management, how did it develop, and how is it different from civil defense?

Discuss your understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the specialty for which you applying.