autobiography of Malcom x

your paper should be typed, doubled-spaced with margins on each side of approximately one inch,and be between 2 and 3 pages in length (750 to 1250 words). In addition, you should use Times New RomanFont and employ a conservative header (very little space used)._______________________________________________________________________________________________________Precis: A précis is a summary and critical evaluation of a piece of scholarly work.Format: Full bibliographic citation in APA, MLA, Kate Turabian, or Chicago Manual Style.PRECIS (CRITICAL EVALUATION) (Your paper should consist of no less than six complete paragraphs).(Cover Page (Title Page)(There are several online examples of cover pages, (your class time should be stated)________________________________________________________________________________________________Scholars, please read the book. I don’t want any of you to marginalize the philosophy Malcolm X by utilizing sources that answers nothing unique about the great human rights leader. Please don’t spend too much time explaining Malcolm X’s views (love or hatred) towards European Americans.I really need you to explain what you learned about the historical politico-economic ideas and aspirations of Malcolm X and their relevancy within our society today._________________________________________________________________________________________________________IntroductionThe First ParagraphThe first paragraph should present the information as objectively as possible.Thesis Statement— The overall argument that the author is making, including the author’s thesis, the logical thread of the argument about the work in relations to Malcolm X, the kinds of support provided, and so forth. If the author invents or uses special terms to argue the case, mention and define them._______________________________________________________________________________________________BodyThe Second ParagraphThe context for the argument. What critics or points of view is the author attempting to refute? Where does the author’s argument fit into the larger critical discussion of the issue? Is the author attempting to overturn certain assumptions and, if so, what are those assumptions that are being challenged?__________________________________________________________________________________________________The Third and Fourth ParagraphA critical analysis of the book. In these paragraphs, you’ll assess the (paragraph three) strengths and (paragraph four) weaknesses of the book and discuss the implications of its reasoning for future study of the work. What parts of the article were especially strong or insightful, and why?__________________________________________________________________________________________________The Fifth ParagraphScholar, in what parts of the book (if any) did the author make claims that were not supported by the evidence? Were there any flaws in the logic of the book?__________________________________________________________________________________________ConclusionThe Six ParagraphScholar, in what ways is this book useful for understanding the historical topic covered? How significant is it? How does it relate to American society today?________________________________________________________________________________________________Work Cited Page Bibliographic CitationAuthor, Title (City of Publisher: Publisher, Year of Publication; reprint, City of Reprint Publisher: Reprint Publisher, Year of reprint Publication).