The Scenario
Because of work, you must move to a city that is far away from where you were born. When you get to your new city, you realize that you feel remarkably different from the people around you at work, around town, and in your neighborhood. People are friendly enough, but they are different, and you begin to wonder how to pinpoint what is making you feel different. After some thought, you realize that it is not just being new to the community that makes you feel different. Instead, it is that you belong to a group of people that have influenced your thinking, and this group of people is now far away. You begin to wonder how much of who you are now (and who you will continue to become) is influenced by this group of people. In order to clarify your thinking further, you decide to write about this group, how they have influenced you, the extent to which these influences are beneficial, and the extent to which they may hold you back.