Balkans crime group/Policy paper

nstructionsPropose a policy recommendation for the US, UN, IGO, or NGO to ameliorate and potentially eliminate your transnational crime group. Make sure your policy recommendation addresses each of the causes and effects of your case study group and who you propose should do them. Be sure to cite sources/facts/statistics/information.Technical RequirementsYour paper must be at a minimum of 8-10 pages (the Title and Reference pages do not count towards the minimum limit).Scholarly and credible references should be used. A good rule of thumb is at least 2 scholarly sources per page of content.Type in Times New Roman, 12 point and double space.Students will follow the current APA Style as the sole citation and reference style used in written work submitted as part of coursework.Points will be deducted for the use of Wikipedia or encyclopedic type sources. It is highly advised to utilize books, peer-reviewed journals, articles, archived documents, etc.All submissions will be graded using the assignment rubric.