Before We Were Free Chapters 9-11

nitial post due before midnight Friday (6 points)Two replies due before midnight Monday (4 points)
Part One:Answer two of the questions below (questions also located at the end of the novel):Alvarez writes in the first person, sometimes in the form of entries in Anita’s diary. Why do you think she chooses this perspective? How does it affect your reading of the book? Have you ever kept a diary or journal?Is this the first time you have read about the political history of the Dominican Republic? Have you learned much about South America or Central America in school or from the media? Why do you think certain histories and regions get more or less attention in schools and the media? Who makes those decisions, and what problems do they present?Anita’s family takes great risks and plans serious action in their fight against the dictatorship. What do you think of their actions, especially the assassination of the dictator? How do you decide what is ethical or moral under circumstances like these? Have there ever been ethical questions or feeling that made you think twice about how to handle a conflict in your own life?What role does American culture play in this novel? Why do you think Anita and her family recognize American holidays, such as Thanksgiving? How does the Dominican quinceañera compare to the American “sweet sixteen” tradition? In what ways have traditions from different places or cultures mixed in your life?At the end of the novel, Anita has lost some of her family to the violence in her native country. How does she feel about the sacrifice her family has had to make? Do you think she truly understands the impact her family has has on her country’s history? Has your own life or have the lives of those you love been affected by violence (terrorism, war, crime, or violence)?Part Two:Costa’s Levels of ThinkingStudents should create ONE of their own Costa’s Level 2 or 3 discussion question for their classmates to answer. This question should be based on chapters 9 – 11 of the novel from this week.Part Three:BrainstormWhat interests you about the novel that you think you will write about for your essay? What questions do you have about the annotated bibliography, literary criticism, or essay 4? Please use this space as a brainstorm!