Bellvue Experience

Make sure to choose 3 patients from the video and follow the rubric for each. My suggestion is to have one paragraph for each of the 3 patients and follow the outcomes and crtieria box in the first andsecond rows (so a total of 3 paragraphs, one for each patient). Make sure to incoorperate what the patients are saying in the paper by quoting their direct words to describe their behaviors. In the third column, it says a psych assessment and a care plan is required forone of the threepatients talked about in the essay. You can have a paragraph about the psych assessment for the patient of choosing and I attached the care plan template you can use for the care plan. Note that the psych assessment in the paper and the care plan is on the same patient that you choose. Make sure to include an introduction of what the movie is about and conculsion of what you learned and anycomments about the film. Contact me if there are any questions regarding this assignment. Here is the link to the Bellvue experience video.