Big Pharma’s Marketing Tactics

1. Read the case on Big Pharma’s Marketing Tactics.Search relevant news articles related to the topic. You are expected to cite them properly in your write-up.
2. Read Hosmer, L.T. (1994). “Strategic Planning as if Ethics Mattered,” Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 15, Issue S2, pp. 17-34.
3. Answer the following questions. You must clearly label them (1, 2, 3…etc.) in your essay based on the order of questions presented below.
1.1. What are the ethical issues in this case? What ethical principles (Hosmer,1994) may be violated by the marketing tactics described? Do any of these ethical principles support the companies’ actions?2. Is there any justification for the marketing and pricing tactics described in the case? Which are acceptable and which are questionable?3. Who are the three key stakeholder groups in these incidents? Justify your selection.4. Based on your answer in#2, identify the primary interests and stakes of these stakeholders.5. Big Pharma needs enormous sums of money to conduct R&D and to advance its innovations. Do the ends justify the means because our health is at stake?6. What response do you think physicians should take when approached regarding some of the schemes presented in this case? Are doctors in a conflict of interest situation when taking Big Pharma’s money?
1. The written analysis should be double-spaced, with 1-inch margins on all four sides, and typed with Times New Roman font of size 12.2. A cover page is not required.3. Mark your answers clearly based the order of the questions presented above.4. All the articles and news sources used are expected to be properly referenced. Any paper not properly referenced will lose points from the grade. The APA style is recommended.