bipolar disorder

The paper must be written in MLA style, and all information presented in the paper must be linked to an in-text citations and a references.The paper must be a minimum or 1200 words, not including the title page or the reference page.Each student must submit an original paper, written in their own words; and you may not collaborate with other students on the paper.YOU MAY NOT USE ANY QUOTESYou may not copy any text, pictures, graphs, figures, or artwork into your papers.YOU MAY NOT USE ANONYMOUS INTERNET REFERENCES SOURCES. You may only use internet sources that are linked to a credentialed individual (researcher, scholar, professor, or practitioner) organization/college/university, or a publication.Students that commit plagiarism will receive a failing grade in the course and will be reported to the campus Dean of Students for further disciplinary action.


bipolar disorder

How have you practiced continuous learning? What qualities or habits have helped you the most to continue learning? What challenges do you face when it comes to continuous learning? How have you addressed these challenges?
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Contemporary Issue Comparison

PowerPoint on the Birth Control Movement

The exploration of the “smart building” ideology

American Democracy based on current cultures & communications

Select an influential figure from any of the assigned readings and address their significance and influence. How was this individual influenced by the previous history? How was this person influenced by his or her own time? How important was this person’s legacy? What influence do they still hold today? The manner of influence may be economic, political, religious, aesthetic, military, etc.

research a current issue around race, class, and/or gender and crime in the context of one sector of U.S. Criminal Justice System (CJS) processes (e.g., law enforcement, courts, corrections).

NU671 Unit 4 Assignment – Clinical Preparation Tool

Read Zinn, chapter 19