Blake Silverman

Due February 7, 2022, 11:59 p.m.➢ Length: 750 words, which is at least two full pages, double-spacedsentences (e.g. an extra line between each sentence, like you see below.;Control-Shift G will show you your word count as you write)➢ Font = 12, margins = 1 inch➢ Format: MS-Word DOC➢ Style: Essay (Argumentative Essay)For more information about how to write an essay, see the three aids to writing essays in the ‘class tools’ folder: Components of a Good Essay, Essay Writing Visual Guide (very detailed), and links to video discussions of how to write an Argumentative Essay.Essay Question: Should I be optimistic or pessimistic about current and expected/predicted global climate change over my lifetime?Background Information: In D2L you will find many web-sourced readingsthat you can include under “Sources for Writing Assignment 1”.In addition, use your own current knowledge and understandings, anymisconceptions you realize about your knowledge and understandings while developing this essay, and any new ideas you generate as the essay progresses.Writing:Your first paragraph, the Introduction, should end with a ‘thesis statement’where you state your position regarding the Essay Question. This statement mustbe based on your assessment of what you read, not simply repeating the opinions or facts presented in the sources. The Body of the essay needs to include your assessment, based on readings, about what you decide is happening regarding climate change, including providing reasons that you find for being optimistic or pessimistic. At the end you need a Conclusion which must include a paragraph/sentence that supports your general choice for either optimism or pessimism.If you use only the sources listed above, your own knowledge, analysis and interpretation, then you don’t need to include a reference section at the end of the essay. Instead, if you use specific information from the sources listed above, then put the name(s) of the organization or author(s) in parentheses after the information (e.g. NOAA, AGU, Walsh, Rosen, etc.). It’s not necessary to use other sources, but if you choose to use other sources, then you must use simple in-text citations (e.g. Quigley, 2021) and include bibliographic references at the end.Do not use direct quotes from any of these sources. We need to see your writing, not the writing of the authors of those sources. You will need to rephrase the information from the sources in your own words. After rewording/ paraphrasing you still need to attribute the information by putting the author/organization in parentheses afterward.There is no “correct” viewpoint in this assignment. Your viewpoint, whatever that is, is the correct viewpoint.After grading with comments, you will be allowed to revise this essay and receive full credit.