BMAL 501-Literature Review: Annotated Bibliography and Outline Assignment

Annotated BibliographyYou will provide an Annotated Bibliographyof at least 10peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles references that youplan to use for your Literature Review: Final. This must be in current APA format witha cover page, abstract, and references. Each reference must include a summary,analysis, and reflection and must answer the questions listed below.Do not include books,book reviews, dissertations, websites, blogs, etc. All articles must bepeer-reviewed and must have been published in the past 4 years.You must follow the current APA format for an annotated bibliography,including:·A brief description and summary of thearticle;·An evaluation of the source – is theinformation relevant to your research?·A determination of how the article willbe utilized in the literature review; and·An assessment of the article accordingto the focus of the research and provide criticisms.·Answers to the following questions:oWho is the author and how are theyqualified?oHow does the source fit in the topicchosen to research?oIs the source helpful?oToo broad or too narrow?oHow will this research fit into yourresearch paper?OutlineAt the end of the Annotated Bibliography,beginning on a new page, you will provide a detailed Outline of your LiteratureReview. See the Literature Review: Outline Example provided for detailsregarding preparing an outline for a paper. (attached)Youmust use full sentences and incorporate all of the references that you havefound for the Annotated Bibliography. Theoutline must be in current APA format and aminimum of 2 pages of narrative. As the outline will be a part of the annotated bibliography,a separate cover page, abstract and reference pages should not be included.Please do research on the highlighted topic below.1.Ethical and Moral Leadership
RequiredReadingWatch:Navigating Major Career TransitionsExplore:Project Management