Bollywood and Beyond:Gender, Sexuality, and Cinematic Representations

HIS 313/GSS 350 Sec. J Bollywood and Beyond: Religion, Gender, and Politics inSouth Asian Film
TopicPick a paper topic that has relevance to one or more of the following course units, whichwe have explored over the semester.➢ Film/Genre➢ Religion, Myth, Politics➢ Caste, Social Hierarchy, Social Relations➢ Gender, Sexuality, and Cinematic Representations➢ Modernity and Globalization: Nation, Citizens, “Others” and IndianCinemaUpload the assignment in the safe-assign box as a Word (.docx) file. Please do not useany other programs such as pages or pdf format etc. You have two attempts to upload.Use the first one to generate a safe-assign report to correct any plagiarism flags that comeup. You can ignore the flags in the bibliography or citations. The match should be under15%. I will grade the second uploaded paper. You are welcome to submit it earlier thanthe due date and time if you so desire. It is advisable to not leave it to the last hour, asonce the 11:59 PM deadline hits, the submission box will automatically shut down. Lateassignments will be penalized by a grade cut and not accepted after one weekfollowing the submission deadline (except in medical emergency or other unforeseencircumstances outside the control of the student. Documentation has to be providedand will be at the discretion and judgment of the instructor.)
1. Research Paper topic and initial research outline: 15% – due WednesdayNovember 3, 2021, by 11:59 PM in safe-assign box on Blackboard.The Outline must be two typed (double spaced 12 font) page that highlightsthe topic of your final research paper (it can go a little over, but not under thepage limit!) The choice of topic should be guided by interest, inspiration,curiosity, passion, question, and desire to know more! The initial research outlineshould highlight the main thesis question/questions you will research andinvestigate in the final paper and the ways in which you will go about gatheringinformation on it.Use any or all of your previous written work (Weekly homework reflections and2questions) that you have done this semester to develop your research paperhypothesis. It should focus on any of the broad topics listed above. You shoulddevelop a thesis argument on something concrete, specific, and narrow within thebroad themes that are listed above. As an example, if you choose film/genre youcould focus on any one of these ideas: a) non-film influences on Bombay cinema(intertextuality) or b) “masala” films or genre/s as “rasaesthetics”, etc. c)evolution of the film industry over time d) use of song and dance etc. etcIt should follow the alphanumeric Outline sample attached below as a guide.There should be at least 4 numerical divisions (I, II, III, IV): I – Introduction(your topic, why you chose it); II – Brief Thesis questions that will be addressedin the final research paper; III – Sources that you will use – a preliminary listwith annotation; IV) Conclusion: a brief recap of what you hope to achievethrough this research and writing exercise.