Breach of Contract

Subject: Business Law & EthicsTo prepare for the assignment, read/watch the following: O’Flaherty Law. (2020). What are some remedies for breach of contract? [Multimedia]. (Note: This is both a web page and a video.) Then, consider the following scenario:You have hired a contractor to paint the all rooms of the entire house. The agreed upon fee is $1100, with a $300 upfront deposit.In a Word document, answer as to how you would handle the following outcomes:1 Contractor begins project but never finishes. After three weeks, you have not heard from him. Your friend could finish the job for $900. What is your remedy?2 Contractor completes project as agreed, however you now wish it was a different color. Do you have any remedy?3 Contractor begins project and finishes but the work is shoddy with many missed spots. What is your remedy?4 Contractor finishes in record time and the work is beautiful. Do you owe any additional consideration?Then, in your own words, discuss the concept of breach of contract and available remedies.Link to video: