Briefly explain the history of ethics, including Utilitarianism, Aristotelian ethics, Care Ethics and Kantian Ethics.

Answers will should have completeness, correctness, and coherency. Write to 6 pages double spaced in total. Eachanswer can be 1 or 2 pages typed. You can choose how many questions you answer as long as they add up to 6double spaced PAGES TOTAL. (You could answer 6 questions at 1 page each, or 3 questions at 2 pages each, or 2 questions at 2 pages each with 2 more at 1 page each—at most you can answer is 6, the least you can answer is 3. However you do it get to 6 PAGES TOTAL.)
Your answers need to explain key issues adequately, not leave out important aspects of the question, and deal with the complexity of the issue insofar as is possible. You do not have a lot of space, every sentence matters. Don’t just sit down and write a bunch of random unorganized crap: write carefully and clearly.Short answer. Pick which questions you want to answer. 1 or 2 pages per response. 6 PAGES TOTAL.Briefly explain the history of ethics, including Utilitarianism, Aristotelian ethics, Care Ethics and Kantian Ethics. How do they relate to each other? How do they critique each other?We are in the midst of an unprecedented attempt to remake the world: the project of modernity. In some ways it has been wildly successful, and yet there are also many critics of it. As we move forward thinking about bioethics, the tensions of modernity will reappear over and over. What are some of these tensions and how might they become manifest with regard to medicine?Using the Constructing Normalcy article on blackboard, explain what it means to say “disability was invented”. What is the significance of using what is “normal” to measure all humans? Give an example of how this can be helpful. Give an example of how this can be harmful.Using the “Why a Feminist Approach to Bioethics? on blackboard and Care Ethics, explain why gender is important for moral issues and bioethics.What is Eugenics? How does it relate to the project of modernity? Why was Eugenics a major part of the creation of Bioethics?Explain the difference between subjective relativism, cultural relativism and moral objectivism. What does it meant to say that modern normative ethical theories like Utilitarianism and Kantians seek to be “objective”?Good luck. Remember you do not have to answer all of these. You are answering between 3 and 6 of them and writing to 6 pages total. Contact me if you have questions.
Only use sources below. They coincide with questions being asked.Please label the questions that were answeredwith its response. Remember 3 questions at least have to be answered or could be more.