Business Legal Structure and Finance

Assignment – Business Legal Structure and FinanceThis Assignment will develop the business legal structure and financial analysis of the business idea. You will use all of your past knowledge, skills, and abilities generated in your Business Law and Finance class in the Bachelors of Applied Science degree program.You will create a Marketing Plan for your new or using an existing company for a (1) new product or service development, (2) market a new business initiative, or (3) strategies to solve a problem with a current organization.*Consider Business Law and Finance implications during this course for your business idea.Describe the Legal Structure of your new or existing company idea. Include why you decided to choose this legal structure and support the reason why. They should be written in the following order:A. Title Page (include your name, your company’s name, class name, professor, and date)B. Describe the Legal Structure of your new or existing company idea. Include why you decided to choose this legal structure and support the reason why. Develop a plan over the next five (5) years, if changes will occur or not.SEE ATTACHMENT for Types of Business Legal Structures below.C. Financial and Accounting Analysis. Create a Pro Forma statement to determine the future three (3) years of financials. Describe the statement in a detailed written analysis for each year and include the statement/spreadsheet in your Assignment.SEE ATTACHMENT for Preparing Pro Forma Statements below.Use our Business Law and Finance classes information for these sections. Review your textbooks and past assignments for details and what should be included in each section.D. Reference Page in the APA format.NOTE: Your Legal Structure and Financial Pro Forma statement should be detailed and original (do not use any ideas or company information from your past BAS courses). Write the Business Legal and Finance Plan in the APA format (with subheaders) and only include information from the instructions.Assignment requirementsThe assignment should be written on a Bachelors’s level. It must be error and grammar free. The business Legal Structure and Financial Plan should be original and the same company information should be used in future assignments.


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