BUSINESS PROBLEM FRAMEWORKS AND MIND MAPSOverviewAssume that you have been hired as a business consultant for the companies you analyzed in the Week 5 assignment. In this week’s assignment, you will be assessing the needs of the organization for improving organizational effectiveness. You will develop a business report where you will gather authoritative models and theories within scholarly and practitioner literature, using focused search techniques, for the purpose of assessing their credibility, relevance, and applicability for a specific leadership, marketing, or information management problem. Your audience for this business report is department managers who will be assigned to work on the business problems that you identified.You may want to review the articles as you work through this assignment.Shufutinsky, A., Deporres, D., Long, B., & Sibel, J. R. (2020). Shock leadership development for the modern era of pandemic management and preparedness. International Journal of Organizational Innovation, 13(1), 20–42.Li, T., & Chan, Y. E. (2019). Dynamic information technology capability: Concept definition and framework development. The Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 28(4), 101575.Lepkowska-White, E., Parsons, A., & Berg, W. (2019). Social media marketing management: An application to small restaurants in the US. International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research, 13(3), 321–345.Write a 4–5 page business report in which you provide the following:Make any revisions to the three business problem statements you developed in the Week 5 assignment and state the specific problem for each of the following three areas: leadership, information systems, and marketing management. You will specify, “The specific problem is…”.For each problem you developed, identify and discuss authoritative models and theories within scholarly and practitioner literature that can be used to further understand the problem.For each problem, identify an applied framework (which can be based on a theoretical, conceptual, process, or developmental framework) and explain how the framework relates to the problem.Using some of the common elements found in the models, theories, and frameworks, construct a mind map to illustrate logical relationships among frameworks for leadership, marketing management, and information systems.You may wish to use the Creating Mind Maps media from this week’s Interactive Learning Module to make your mind map.In your report, give a detailed explanation of the concepts and connections in your mind map.Your report should include the following headings:Introduction.Leadership.Information Systems.Marketing.Mind Map.Summary.