Can body cameras be the solution to improving the accountability among the U.S. Police?

You need to have 7 sources, and each annotation should be 200 words long, meaning your total bibliography should have a 1400 word count minimum. Each annotation needs to include a brief summary (noting its topic, scope, and stance), an evaluation (what are its strengths/limitations? does it address multiple perspectives? etc. –think about both its scope and stance when evaluating), and finally, your purpose for choosing this source (basically, how would it help you write a research paper?).
Please refer to chapter 24 of your textbook for a more precise description of each section of the annotation. While you can use the examples in the book and online to get a general idea of possible directions to take in your annotation, please note that what is expected of you won’t coincide perfectly with what some sample annotations do. As a result, follow these directions to ensure a better score, as well as any feedback I give on your practice annotation.
As for your sources, make sure they are scholarly sources. I suggest using the library databases on to find your sources, just like we practiced. Finally, each source should support the same research question, so keep your research question in mind as you do your research, and write your research question on the top of your annotated bibliography. As always, follow MLA format.