Can you write this Journal in visual media in Business?

e. Photoshop, illustrator, InDesign, Premier, Dreamweaveror WordPress and locate a text for that product that will guide you through your self development in that product. You will then use this introductory journal entry to inform me of the software package you are using, and why youd like to learn it as well as what level of competency you might want to achieve. Also, take this opportunity to tell me if youve already worked within the software before and what you might have done. Youll be using this software to build a professional-looking advertisement for the media youve chosen (i.e., print ad, commercial, social media site, etc.), so make sure you pick something that you believe you will be comfortable with in designing an advertisement. Finally, please tell me about the text you intend to you to help you through this software package. Please include an image of the cover and the table of contents (or the video equivalent if you choose online tutorials) with your entry. This entry should run 500 words/5 paragraphs.

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